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Welcome Yubico

08 October 20190

We are welcoming Yubico and the YubiKey product family into our portfolio, this allows us to provide a multifactor authentication tool that is platform-independent with support for FIDO2 and OTP in a Physical Key to provide robust protection for your online identities.

Check out the Yubico case study on how the implementation of hardware keys in 2009 has successfully blocked all phishing attacks against Google employees.

The YubiKey 5 Series can also be paired with LastPass to protect access to your password safe using a physical key.


Welcome Lastpass

04 September 2019

A warm welcome to Lastpass and the Logmein Family, Lastpass is the leading password and identity management solution.

We have all seen the reports about account compromise, weak passwords,  password re-use and passwords on post-it notes. Lastpass is a great tool which allows you to provide all employees individual password safes and the mechanisms to protect not only their own but your businesses online identity.

Let Lastpass help you protect all your passwords


Welcome Sophos

19 August 2019

Sophos is an IT security vendor focused on providing a full-featured next-generation security platform that is simple and easy to use.

You might just be looking to protect your servers and endpoints, but they also have solutions for managing mobile devices, managing device encryption, filtering email and much more.


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